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boston has the best record in the east. knicks and hawks play the game by chandler. reverse alley-oop of felton. knicks down the hawks 102-90. nascar dale earnhardt jr. says he feels like snake bitten. might be right. three days after missing the pole junior crashed yesterday. he'll have to use the backup car
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for the 500 and now forced to start in the back of the pack on sunday. and finally, number 12 uconn knocked off georgetown. walker, a one-man wrecking crew. passed it off the backboard to himself and made the jumper. he had 31. that's your first look at sports. i'm fred rogan. and now for another quick look at the weather here's bill karins with the weather channel st didn't show up i with but look
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the forest. temperatures near mid-60s in d.c. 60 in pittsburgh today. buffalo at 50 degrees. albany cooler at 46. the 50s could go through connecticut up into the boston area and then friday's the peak. friday's the last day of the really nice warmth and then back to a typical forecast for this time of year. but 68 in philly on friday. 70 in d.c.. probably people walking around outside with sun tans on the faces. 57 in bostonshld be in the 50s. areas of new england in the 40s. the next chance of rain should be sunday into monday and in new england, it looks like that could be mixture of snow and rain and really will quickly, lynn, will go back to a wintry forecast next week and enjoy it while it lasts.
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>> we will. don't worry. thanks so much. coming up, an explanation by a lohan-letterman debacle. plus, when it comes to what game show battle between man and machine, the outcome wasn't so trivial. your first look at entertainment is straight ahead. you're watching "first look" on msnbc. at the gumline, helping prevent gingivitis. and it's been clinically proven to help reverse it in just four weeks. new crest pro-health clinical toothpaste. over a million people have discovered how easy it is to use legalzoom for important legal documents. so start your business, protect your family, launch your dreams. at we put the law on your side.
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launch your dreams.
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welcome back to "first look." entertainment news now. the mystery of the lindsay lohan friend who made thabo gus arrangement for her to appear on david letterman last night apparently been solved. you may guess what the deal was. lindsay lohan's father michael
5:27 am
admits he was behind the plans telling tmz she knew about the booking but backed off after the more official representatives heard about it. as for letterman, he cracked up the audience with a sarcastic apology saying, quote, i hope i didn't embarrass you, lindsay, and your family. jessica alba reports she is pregnant with her second child with her husband. halle berry won a big victory in the custody battle with ex-boyfriend aubry. she can travel to new york with their child and have a lesser role in the same movie she was forced out of to go to court. and finally, this was cool. did you see this last night? watson, mega brain, trounced the flesh and blood opponents with total winnings in two games of over $77,000. and then last night on "late night with jimmy fallon" he had a scoop on offers rolling in for the mechanical "jeopardy"
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winner. >> watson, the ibm computer, beat his two human opponents by a long shot yesterday. he's already getting a little famous. today he was offered a million to pose nude for "popular mechanic." charlie sheen called in to a radio show and said he's never been drunk or high on the set of his show. that makes one of us. getting rid of funding of president obama's teleprompter. when he finds out, he'll be speechless. two women are suing the broadway musical "elliott" after being hit by a prop. the prop flying through the window from down the street. they can't catch a break those guys. >> tonight he welcomes actor 2:35 on yur local nbc station.
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bill, did you get a chance to watch watson? >> yeah. all three days. i was upset. >> why? >> because, well, we'll big fans my wife and i. it was like an infomercial for ibm. >> way to be a downer, bill. >> i just didn't like it. >> i'm lynn berry. stay tuned.

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